Manfreight host the BT 5G & IoT Solutions Team

January 20, 2023

We were delighted to host the BT 5G and IoT Solutions Team, alongside Belfast Harbour, at our Portadown HQ.

We discussed the emerging technology in this space and how we could partner on potential growth plans going forward.

Those who work with us already understand our use of data to improve how we do business. This group really understand where technology and the use of this data is going to fit into the supply chain to move the industry forward.

Andrew Quinton, Senior Manager / Principal Architect said,

"I had chance to reflect on my recent visit with our customer Belfast Harbour to go and speak to Manfreight. These guys are hugely advanced in the IoT and use of data across their fleet (‘truckloads of technology as they call it’ 👍) and have impressive relationships with both their customers and suppliers in making it happen. It was interesting to see how they are using data to both improve their operations but also that of their customers, and positioning that capability really well.If you’ve seen the articles I’ve written and heard the ITPro podcast last year, I talk a lot how transport and logistics organisations need to get closer together horizontally across the supply chain in order to move forward with technology at the heart. This was a fantastic example not only with the supply chain itself but also their suppliers into it.I was delighted to be able to speak to them on how we could potentially help them with their growth plans looking towards the future. It was equally a great opportunity to continue to learn more about the complex nature and intricacies of the industry, especially from a Northern Ireland perspective considering cross border trade and a post Brexit environment."

It was very interesting to learn how 5G and the associated advancements can further our mission towards digitising the supply chain.

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